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Crochet Grandiose Doily Part 1

    This is the first of three parts of Grandiose Doily. I love mandalas and doilies. I always say that I do not have the patience to crochet lace items. Instead of lace, I love using light fingering embroidery threads such as 100% acryllic etamine. I love the neon colors that brands have. The best thing about mandala doilies is that I can stop at any round or add rounds as many as I want and it won't look uncomplete or odd.

The pattern here consist of 29 rounds of which one is a motif round. Skill level is advanced beginner/intermediate. This is a clearly written and easy to follow pattern. If you experience difficulty with stitch knowledge I advise you to check youtube. Size is 37 cm in diameter and I plan to go up to a nice size for standard rectangle table. Your tension will determine things like hook size, yardage, finished size, and height of stitches. I used a size 1.5 mm hook. 
    In terms of yarn brand I use Rüya Etamin ipi 20 gr. You can find most of the colors, which I listed, online. Rüya has a rich selection of neon and hot colors. If you have difficulty finding this brand, you can use Kartopu instead of Rüya because you can find the same exact shade of color. I haven't used any other brands so I can't suggest them but I know Kartopu and Rüya feels and looks the same. These are very inexpensive but I would also like to point out Ören Bayan as another brand if you are looking to get some very high quality yarns. 

Colours and codes
(1) Neon turuncu / neon orange
(2) Cırtlak pempe / Hot pink
(3) Petrol / petrol blue
(4) Bebek Pembe / baby pink
(5) Pamuk Şekeri / cotton candy
(6) Kırmızı /red
(7) Beyaz / White
(8) Neon Yavruağzı / neon pinkish orange 
(9) Art yeşili / emerald green
(10) Güneş Sarı /sun yellow
(11) Fuşya /fuschia

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    This pattern contains instructions written in standard American crochet terminology, in English language. No other versions of the pattern are available (no graphs, videos or translations.)

mr- magic ring
st- stitch
sc- single crochet
dc- double crochet
sl st- slip stitch
ch- chain
tr- treble
v st- v stitch
FP- front post
BLO- back loop only
sk- skip
tog- together
rnd- round
prev- previous
sp- space
pc- picot 
hdc- half double crochet

Special stitches
v-st: (dc, ch 2, dc) in same stitch or space
popcorn: Make 5 dc in the same st/sp. Remove your hook from the last st and insert it into the first dc of the 5-dc group. Grab the last st with your hook and pull it through the first st, ch1 (doesn’t count as a st).
cluster: any set of double crochets in same stitch, generally 3 or 4 dc.
front post: insert your hook from front to back, then back to front (going around the post). You then work the stitch as usual.
puff: Yarn over and insert your hook into the specified stitch/space.  Yarn over again and pull up a long loop.  (Yarn over and insert your hook into the same stitch/space.  Yarn over again and pull up a long loop) three more times.  Yarn over and pull through all 9 loops on your hook.  Ch 1 to close.
Picot: ch 3, sl st in the first ch

The first st of a round is worked as a standing st, or is replaced by:
sc - ch 1
hdc - ch 2
dc - ch 3
tr - ch 4
Close each round with a sl st to the first st, or an invisible join

Start with color (1)
Foundation: Chain 5 and slip stitch to first chaşn to form a ring.
Round 1: Make 18 double crochet in to that ring.
Round 2: with color (2), Increase all your double crochets which means 2 dc in each stitch around to have 36 double crochets in the end. :) 
Now check abreviations part if you are a beginner. I will make this easy for you.
Round 3: using color (3), In BLO (4 dc, ch 1) X 9 without skipping any st.
Round 4: (4 dctog, ch 6) X 9 in dc from prev rnd skippint ch-1 sp.
Round 5: color (4), In ch-6 sp (4 dc, ch 1, 4 dc), ch 1, (4 dc, ch 1, 4 dc) in next ch-6 sp and repeat this sequence until end.
Round 6: with color (6), make a sc in ch-1 sp between the 4 dc sets in ch-6 sp from prev rnd, ch 5, around the 4 dctog from round 4 make a (fpdc, ch 2,fpdc), ch 5, sc in nect ch-1 sp in middle and repeat around.
Round 7: color (5), In ch-5 sp 4 dc, ch 2,  4 dc in next ch-5 sp, make a popcorn in ch-2 sp. Repeat pattern sequence of 4 dc, ch 2, 4 dc, popcorn until end  (18 4dc clusters, 9 popcorns)
Round 8: attach (6) color to ch-2 sp, make (5 tr, ch 2, 5 tr) in same ch-2 sp, fpdc around the fpdc from round 6, sc before popcorn, sk popcorn and sc after it, fpdc in the second fpdc from round 6 beneath popcorn, (5 tr, ch 2, 5 tr)in next ch-2 sp. So in this round you are making fpdc in fpdc from prev round and treble shells in ch spaces. repat around.
Round 9: with color (7), (sc, ch 5, sc) in ch-2 sp between trebles, ch 3, make 7 tr in any st behind popcorn,ch 3, in ch-2 sp (sc, ch 5, sc), ch 3, 7 tr in ch behind popcorn ch and repat.
Round 10: color (8), in ch- 5 sp make 5 sc, 3 sc in ch-3 sp,1 sc in each of next 7 tr, repat same sequence around.
Round 11: color (9), in the 3rd sc from the set of 5 sc that you made in ch-5 sp before, make a sc, ch 2, sk 2 sc, 13 dc in next 13 st, ch 2, sk 2 sc, sc in 3rd sc, ch 2, sk 2 sc, 13 dc in next 13 st, and repeat this all around.
Round 12: color (2), *Puff in ch-2 sp, ch 2, sk sc, puff in next ch-2 sp, ch 6, sk 6 dc, v-st in 7th dc, ch 6, sk 6 dc**. repeat from *to ** 8 more times.
Round 13: in ch-2 sp between puffs make *7 dc, in ch-6 sp make 4 sc, (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in V-st, 4 sc in ch-6 sp**. repeat from * to ** until end.
Round 14: is a motif connection round. Make 9 of this Precious Flower Motif and connect them the way you see in photos. Connect the picots from the motif to the middle dc (4th dc) of 7-dc shells and to each other. So 4 corners are connected.

Precious Flower Motif

Begin with a magic ring. 
Rnd 1: Ch 1 and make 12 sc in ring, join with sl st to first sc. (12 sc) 
Rnd 2: Ch 3, dc2tog in same stitch, *ch 5, dc2tog in fourth ch from hook, ch 1, skip 1 sc**, dc3tog in next sc; repeat around, ending last repeat at **, join with slip st to top of ch-3. Fasten off. 
Rnd 3: Standing dc (or ch 3) in ch-1 space between last two clusters made, *ch 2, (sc, ch 1, sc) in second chain in side of next cluster, ch 2, dc in next 2 ch-l spaces; repeat from * around, omitting last dc, join with slip st to top of first dc. 
Rnd 4: Ch 3 (counts as dc), *3 dc in next ch-2 space, 3 dc in next ch-l space, 3 dc in next ch-2 space; repeat from * around, omitting last dc, join with slip st to top of ch-3. Fasten off. 
Rnd 5: Standing sc (or ch 2) in join, *sc in next 4 dc, ch 3, dc2tog in space between last dc and next dc, Picot-3, dc2tog in space between last dc and next dc, ch 3, sc in next 4 dc; repeat around, skipping last sc, join to first sc. Fasten off.

Round 15: attach (6) to first outer picot, *sc in dc2tog, ch 5, sc in next dc2tog, ch 3, sk ch-3 sp, sc in next sc, ch 8, sk 7 sc, sc in last sc, ch 3, sk ch-3 sp, sc in dc2tog, ch 5, sc in next dc2tog, ch 3, sk ch-3 sp, sc in sc,  ch 8, sc in last sc, ch 5 (this is where 2 motifs connect), sk all st in middle to the next sc after ch-3 sp on other motif. ch 8** repeat from * to ** around. 
Round 16: color (9), sl st in ch-3 sp, ch 1, *sc in same sp, (6 dc, ch 2, 6 dc) in ch-5 sp. sc in next ch-3 sp. (4 dc, ch 2, 4 dc) in ch-8 sp. (6 dc, ch 2, 6 dc) in next ch-5 sp. sc in ch-3 sp, in next ch-8 sp (sc, ch 3, sc), in ch-5 sp over the connection of the motifs make ( sc, hdc, 2 dc, 2 tr, pc, 2 tr, 2 dc, hdc, sc), (sc, ch 3, sc) in next ch-8 sp, sc in next ch-3 sp** and repeat around from * to **.
Round 17: with (9), in ch-3 sp make *5 tr, sc in next pc, 5 tr in next ch-3 sp, sc in 6th dc of shell, (sc, ch 2, sc) in ch-2 sp, sc in 1st dc after ch-2 sp, ch 5, sk 5 dc and sc in next sc, ch 5, sc in next ch-2 sp, ch 5 and sc in next sc, ch 5, sc in dc before ch-2 sp, (sc, ch 1, sc) in ch-2 sp, sc in next dc** and repeat around from * to **.
Round 18: color (2), make 1 tr in each of 5 tr, in sc and in next 5 tr (11 tr). sc in ch-1 sc, 7 sc in ch-5 sp, ch 2, 7 sc in next ch-5 sp, ch 2, 7 sc in next ch-5 sp, ch 2, 7 sc in next sp, sc in ch-1 sp, 1 tr in next 11 st. and repeat this sequence around.
Round 19: color (8), *1 dc in each of next 11 tr. 1 hdc in next sc, sc in 4th sc in middle (of 7-sc set), ((3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc) in ch-2 sp, sc in next 4th sc)) X 3, hdc in next sc** repeat from * to ** around.
Round 20: attach color (5) to a hdc before dc set, *sc in hdc, ch 6, sk 3 tr, sc in next tr, ch 6, sk 3, sc in next, ch 3, sk 3 tr and sc in hdc, ch 6, sc in next ch-1 sp, ch 6, sc in next ch-1 sp, ch 6, sc in next ch-1 sp, ch 6**. repeat from * to ** around. close with a ch 3 and dc.
Round 21: ch 1 and sc in same sp, ch 6 and sc in next sp. repeat this around until end. ch 3 and join with dc.
Round 22: repeat round 21.
Round 23: (10), In any ch-6 sp (3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc), ch 1, in next sp (3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc). Repeat around.
Round 24: color (7), V-stitch in each ch-1 sp.
Round 25: V-st in each v-st (in ch-2 sp).
Round 26: color (9) , sc in v-st, *(3 dc, pc, 3 dc) in next ch sp, sc in next ch-2 sp**. Repeat around from * to **.
Round 27: (8), *sc in pc, 5 tr in sc**. Repeat around from * to **.
Round 28: BLO sc in each st around.
Round 29: BLO sc in each st around.

Other doilies and clothes are:

Original pattern and design by Berayla
Photography by Berayla
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