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Petalled Phone Case/ Taç Yapraklı Telefon kılıfı

An eco-friendly unique phone case crochet pattern for you or for a loved one.
Sana veya sevdiklerin için çevre dostu benzersiz bir tığ işi telefon kılıfı tarifi.
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Materials needed:
  • Size 3.00 mm hook
  • Cream color yarn
  • Pink color yarn
  • Blue color yarn
  • Sewing needle
  • One big snap
  • Button

Change the stitch count and the number of rows depending on your phone measurements.
Mine is a Huawei.

Cover Base
With cream or white color and size 3.00 mm hook make 2 of these rectangles:
R 1: Ch 25, hdc in 3rd st from the hook, and hdc until the rest of the row (23 hdc)
R 2: ch 2, turn, BLO (back loop only) 23 hdc into the same st and until the end of the row.
R 3: Ch 2, turn BLO 23 hdc into the same st and so on.
R 4- 27: Repeat the same pattern sequence on BLO for each row.
Now take the pink color. After finishing the second piece join them together by sc around evenly. Don't forget to leave one side open :) sc the top of the case also then start making the edging.

In the pattern it says to crochet multiples of 4 and ch 3 for the edging base but I don't count my stitches and it works for me. But you may count and add an increase sc in a few sts to reach the appropriate number for the edging base.
Another thing is that in the original pattern by Ellej the base is made with DC sts but I single crocheted around and didn't use dc.
So sc around and watch the video tutorial or look down for a written pattern.

R 1: so you chained 3 turn and make 3 dc in each of next 3 sts. Ch 4, turn to WS, sl st in first dc you made before, ch1, turn to RS, make 7 dc in the arch of ch-4 around, next dc in dc of previous row, make 1 dc in each of next 4 sts, work a ch-4, turn to wrong side. Sl st (in the space where you made 7 dc previously), insert the hook, yarn over. Pull yarn through all spaces and loop on the hook,  Work ch 1. Turn to right side. 7 dc. 1 dc in each of next 4 sts, work ch-4, turn to WS and sl st and repeat the  same pattern sequence until the end.

Here is the video tutorial for it.

Strap / Askı
Attach pink yarn to the back of the case just a few rows below the opening, count the hdc and find the middle 4.
R 1: Ch 3, dc in the same st and next 3 sts.
R 2-14: Repeat row 1.
With orange color yarn

Flower / Çiçek Yapımı

Colors: Orange, blue and pink.
Renkler: Turuncu, mavi ve pempe

Using orange color, make a magic ring. 
Rnd 1: 1 ch, 18 sc in ring, leaving an end, cut yarn, thread it under top loops of first sc and down through last sc, fasten off.
Taking hook to back, join blue color yarn around the stem of a sc.
Rnd 2: 1 ch, 1dc around stem of same sc as join, [1 dc around stem of next sc] 17 times, leaving an end about 3 ft long, fasten off in same way as first round and continue with blue.
Rnd 3: 1 ch, sl st around stem of first dc, [3ch, miss 2 dc, ss around stem of next dc] 5 times, 3ch, ss in first ss. Fasten off. Join pink color yarn in a 3-ch sp.
Rnd 4: 1ch, [1 sc, 4 ch, 1 tr, 3 dtr, 1 tr, 4 ch, 1 sc) in each 3-ch sp, sl st in first sc.
Fasten off.

You can try a plain strap and make appliques and embellishments on the case such as:

Gracious starfish

Or make the flowers you see on Berayla Flower Headband

For other gorgeous cases, purses and bags:

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